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Welcome to the Software Download site. We’ve designed it to be simple to use but in case you have questions this page documents the behaviors of the site and provides you with information on how to access the deliverables you are searching for
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Platform & Brand product line selection Orders list
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  Order deliverables list
Release, Level and Level Fix selection Displayed information
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Known limitations and specific cases

Dassault Systèmes License Server (aka. DSLS)
Multi Company Account (aka. Contact Multi Site)
Release and Level selection specific cases (D5/E5, Composer, Studio Pro)

Current account context top bar:

Current account context top bar


Your company site name followed by a switch link to allow you to switch to another site if you have multiple sites in your 3DEXPERIENCE ID.

Your name is followed by a link to allow you to logout. You will be automatically redirected to the home page after your logout.

Current menu

Current menu

Supported Software Download

Use this menu to retrieve and download all deliverables available through your support access (e.g. All deliverables you are allowed to access through your company site's supported products or configurations)

This is the menu selected by default when you access this site.

Orders Download

Use this menu to retrieve all the orders with delivery via download for your company site and to download their contents.

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support button

Platform & Brand product line selection

3DEXPERIENCE, V5 Platforms and Mono Brand Product lines
3DEXPERIENCE is our latest and most innovative product line and is by nature platform supporting multibrand solutions.
V5 is our earlier platform supporting several brand solutions.
Each Brand button groups the brand-related product lines that are not delivered in the 3DEXPERIENCE or V5 platforms.

You can find the full list of supported product lines by brand here.

Default behaviors

Any platform or brand for which you don't have supported licenses will be greyed-out.
3DEXPERIENCE, V5 Platforms and Mono Brand Product lines with greyed items

By default we will select automatically the latest release and level of your Supported Solutions.
If you have several active platform or brands we will follow this priority: 3DEXPERIENCE -> V5 then a brand starting by CATIA and following reading from left to right and top to bottom.

If you don’t have any 3DEXPERIENCE or V5 products and you have several product lines in your first selected brand we will propose the list of available product lines in the first brand.

Selecting a product line will automatically place you on the latest release and level of this product line.

Release, Levels Selection combos

Default behaviors

When you select a given product line we will select automatically the latest Level of the latest release.
The two dropdown boxes Release and level display by default a maximum of 10 elements (10 releases and 10 levels of code). The +show all option is proposed if more than 10 levels exist and allows you to reveal the additional levels. You can refer to the known limitations on Release Level selection section below for more information on some specific cases.
The Fixes for this level dropdown box is not limited in size - you will see all available levels.

If you have selected a level in Fixes for this level and would like to come back to the corresponding Level list of deliverable you can simply select again the Level in the dropdown box. Another way is to select the Level fix name "-" at the top of the Fixes for this level dropdown box

Deliverable list result

Result List of Deliverable available for download

This list of deliverables is displayed with a type icon:

Program Directory/Readme:readme   Software: software      Documentation: doc      Education: education      APIs: api      Database: database      Content: content

You should never see a frustrating empty list of deliverables, if you can see a release, level or fix level it means that you have deliverables authorized to download.

Tips on types:
Some software is delivered in an "Aggregated deliverable" which can be composed of several kinds of deliverables types – for instance it’s possible that the documentation or readme for some software will be included in the Software type deliverable.
e.g. AM_3DEXPERIENCE_Platform contains the Program directory, the English Documentation and the Software.

Deliverable description:
Language when it is specific to the deliverable and the Operating System family.
     Deliverable description

Tips on Operating Systems:
Operating System families can be frustrating in certain situations. This is not an attribute to find your software for a given operating system, this is a family group where the deliverable is held. This is the reason you can find the Operating System family names such as All Win, All OS.
e.g. All OS means that you will find the software corresponding to the description for all supported operating systems.
In most cases you will not have to worry about this field because if an All OS deliverables exist you will not find another corresponding media for another Operating system such as Win64 you should have to download the All OS deliverable. 

Tips on Languages:
Language is tagged when the deliverable is dedicated to this language and delivered separately such as some documentation or Education solutions. When no language is specified it does not mean that the software doesn’t include several languages, it just means the language-specific part is not delivered separately. Most of our solutions do support and include multiple languages.

The download links: 
Download Icon You have to download all the displayed volumes for a given deliverable before you can install it.

Show details:
By clicking on show details you will be able to see the filename of the deliverable with each individual size and md5 (for checksum) plus a set of internal references that could be requested by the support if you have any issue with download.
Show Details


On some occasions you will have a long list of deliverables available for download for a given selected level of code. The filters allow you to reduce the number of deliverables in the current list to ease your access.
You can select one filter per filter category to reduce the displayed list of deliverables. This is not a search criteria but a filter on the current view to show only deliverables matching the selected tags.
The standard search within your browser will work to search in the current view, we do not split the list in several pages for a given level of code.

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orders button

You will retrieve here all the orders with delivery via download for your company. Two sections can be displayed on this page depending on the type of orders you received.

list oders

Time limited orders

This section is displayed if you have orders available for limited time. If the section does not appear it means that you have no order of this type or that all are expired. During availability you can download its content as many time you need.

Lifetime orders

This section is displayed if you have orders available "for life", with no time limitation.

Displayed information

The list of orders displays the unique ID of the transaction, Order reference (aka MO ID), the date of the transaction (corresponding to the date we sent an e-mail to your company to provide download access), your company name (please note that this last field could be a child site name of your main company).

In addition we display a description of the order content.

Order deliverables list

When you access a given order by clicking on the Order reference you will access the list of all deliverables in this order.

Displayed information

We display the deliverables with the same info and behaviors as in the Supported Software Download deliverable list.

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Known limitations and specific cases

Our Dassault Systèmes License Server (DSLS) is developed on V6/3DEXPERIENCE Technologies so for other product lines such as V5 you will have also have access to 3DEXPERIENCE to obtain the DSLS deliverables.

The latest available Dassault Systèmes License Server level supports all current and previous supported releases of your solutions.

For security reasons when you select a site we apply your selection globally to all your sessions. This results in one important limitation for users wanting to open multiple pages, such as opening one page per site or opening one page on Download Orders and another one on Supported Software Download. In such situations if you switch sites on one page the switch will be reflected on all other pages at their next refresh.

To be able to manage multiple views of different sites you will need to manage several sessions by using two different web browsers or by using multisession capacities of your browser. e.g. by using -nomerge option when launching internet explorer.

Some releases or levels can be difficult to find for two reasons:

1. Releases may be hidden by default before clicking on the +show all in the release choice box.


This is the case for the D5/E5 Release within V5.


2. Releases may be attached to a platform or product where we might expect to find them elsewhere.

This is the case for CATIA Composer & Studio Pro releases and deliverables which are under the 3DEXPERIENCE.


Chrome users: We know that some text, especially bold type, can be displayed blurred, this has been a known issue on Chrome for several months. We will apply a solution as soon as Chrome support provides one.


If all platforms and brands are greyed-out on the Supported Software Download menu: If you experience a greyed-out view of all 3DEXPERIENCE/V5 and Brands sections this means that you don't have any Dassault Systèmes solutions with deliverables under active support or that we were not able to check your entitlement.
If you think there is an issue please contact your local support centre

All greyed